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How to donate.

paypal   @teacherharveyrelief

Venmo: @teacherharveyrelief

Why donate?

In the wake of hurricane Harvey teachers are doing everything they can to get back on their feet so that they can be there for their students. These teachers have lost their homes, their vehicles, and some have lost their entire classrooms with all their teaching possessions inside. There are schools that have been deemed unsalvageable and teachers are not being allowed back in to try to save anything that may have survived…


My goal is to get these teachers gift cards that meet their needs, whether that be clothing so that they can come back to school, hardware supplies so that they can rebuild their home, or Uber credit so that they can get around before they can get into a new car. It could even be classroom supplies so that they can make their classrooms feel warm and safe for the students who are more than likely going through the same horrific situation.


Please give what you can, to whomever you can, and whatever capacity that you can. I am continuously blown away by the generosity of others. It is radically heartwarming to know that so many people across the state, the country, and even the world are with us in this time of disaster. Words cannot express our gratitude.